Thursday 21 May 2015

Rumsey, Alberta

Very few people, no businesses, and some old buildings. There is an abandoned rail line that runs by here which is why I was here in the first place. At one time there was a train station and grain elevators that I saw in old photos resulting from a Google Image search. While doing some research I found mention that the place was known for having a number of Jewish families years ago which I find quite interesting. When I was there I did not find any historical markers indicating that. There is very little to be found online. A library or historical society may be worth a trip. I was there April 26, 2015 and I will try to make it back to do a bit more digging. 

Old rail building? Rumsey, Alberta April 26, 2015
Old commercial building Rumsey, Alberta April 26, 2015
One room schoolhouse.

Stonepile School, Rumsey, Alberta April 26, 2015

I walked up the marker to get a picture and judging by the sign on the bottom I guess this is someone's residence now. I inadvertantly trespassed on their property.


  1. My father was the minister here from 1961-1967

  2. That is my nephews house, now! Been there 4-5 years