Saturday 2 May 2015

Now I am a V.I.P.

Just got back from Beerfest. My brother-in-law bought V.I.P. passes. With all the sampling I did I am impressed I am as good of shape that I am in. Definitely not thirsty. A few random notes . . .

Loved this stuff. 

This was excellent.

As was this.

Steam Whistle Beer truck. I have had their stuff before and like it.

Horrible. I had to pour this out. I found it undrinkable.

Excellent. The sample size you got to taste could have been served in a thimble.

Not bad. Would likely try again.


  1. Stiegl beer, from Austria? Back in the day, they sold that in vending machines in Salzburg. A real crazy way to buy a beer for a Yank.

    1. You can get an incredible variety here. There are microbrewies springing up all over the place. I learned that Olds College which is about an hour away in Olds, Alberta has an Brewmaster Program.

      It never used to be this way. About twenty-five years ago you would be lucky to find much variety in beer here.