Sunday 23 July 2023

Wild Horse Cemetery about here 49.659139, -115.590328

Managed to get here June 24, 2023.

The cemetery is at the end of the Dewdney Trail and the ghost town Fisherville, British Columbia of which there hardly a trace remaining. None of the graves have names and there are only two known burials, everything else is lost to time. Gold was discovered on Wild Horse Creek in 1864 and there was a short lived gold rush. There were town names of Wild Horse, Kootenai, Kootenay, and Fisherville associated with this area.

To get here take the Fort Steele-Wild Horse Forest Service Road just outside of Fort Steele. When I traveled it the road was very rough in a few places and there are a few spots where the road is narrow with some steep drops on the side. You can street view this road on Google Maps.

This is quite the spot. The town was on the side of a hill. The area is rugged. The prospectors who first explored this area had to be determined to look for gold in this terrain.


  1. Interesting that both of those men died on the same day. Wonder what the occasion was that involved both of them.

  2. Here is the story of the two deaths: