Tuesday 18 July 2023

Rock Lily School 1908 - 1957

Not foo far from Penzance, Saskatchewan. I have been to Penzance, sadly no pirates.

Last Friday after work I headed out on a road trip. I kept driving and did not feel tired so I kept driving. I got here before dawn and waited for the sun to rise. I had a short catnap in the car. The colour is a little different in some photos due to the light and the haze from wildfires from Alberta did not help. If nothing else I got a very early start to a day of exploring.

The school is mainly stone construction and is in poor shape. I really like this one and spent about an hour looking it over. I did not go inside as it definitely looks unsafe.


  1. No pirates in Penzance? What a ripoff.

  2. Maybe they got tired of walking back and forth to the ship.

    1. This is vey funny. I laughed when I read this.

  3. Nice, but starting to look a tad wobbly around the edges.