Monday 10 July 2023

Abandoned Alberta

Founded in 1915, Nemiskam was the original spelling and is native for “between two valleys”. It is a ghost town located between Foremost and Etzikom north of H61, (the Red Coat Trail) and was once known as Bingham.

In the 1960s it had a population of 54, which declined to 17 in 1966, to 8 in 1971 and only 2 today. During the prosperous years, the town had a community hall, four grain elevators, a school and a service station. The last grain elevator was destroyed in 1990's. There are now six buildings left.

Nemiscam is still a popular spot for ghost towners.

              - Dale Redekopp


  1. It's kinda funny, as the world gets bigger (population wise) we have people abandoning the outlying areas. They have to be moving into the cities...

  2. Thanks for all the great posts Dale. I particularly like the old garage in Nemiscam...fill up with gas, grab a cream soda from the pop machine and back on the road. Those were different times.

  3. What a shame to see such a decline in the population. It looks like it once was a thriving little town.