Friday 5 May 2023

Unexpected events

Woke up early this morning grabbed a cup of coffee and got around to checking my phone. Nothing new.

Later on at 6:48am there was a voicemail which was odd since my phone did not ring. Checked my voicemail and found out the town of Drayton Valley, Alberta had been evacuated due to a wildfire southeast of the town. Over seven thousand people had to leave their homes. I think the evacuation order was issued after 11:00pm last night. I did not have any calls or alerts on my phone regarding the evacuation.

I was informed via voicemail that mom was evacuated from Drayton Valley and is in a retirement home safe and sound in Wetaskiwin, Alberta. This actually makes it easier to visit mom since she is closer to where I live.

It took me five attempts to get through to the residence in Wetaskiwin. Mom does not have a cell phone. About three or four years ago she and I mutually gave up trying to get her to use one that I paid for. I finally got through and asked them to get a message to her that I know where she is and will visit her today.

Thank you to the people that emailed me and asked how this.


  1. Wow! So your Mom is one of the many people being displaced all around our region due to wildfires. Yikes!

  2. Just heard about the evacuation a few minutes ago, Glad you mom is safe and sound.

  3. So glad to know that your Mom is safe, but so unfortunate that she has had to go through all the upset (and you, as well).