Tuesday 30 May 2023

Molly Hughes Mine

Just a bit north of New Denver, British Columbia. You can get onto the Galena Trail which is an old rail bed at this point right at the side of the highway. The walk in is not too far. You can see old rail ties embedded in the photo below.

There is a path from the trail that leads down a steep bank down to the lake.

The way to the mine is not marked. I was on this trip with Chris Doering (www.bigdoer.com), who loves mining history, and this destination was his idea. I did not know this place existed. If you want to go exploring Chris is the guy you want with you. Getting here was a little bit of trial and error. Keep following the path and you will first come across an old cabin. The cabin is boarded up.

Not there yet. The mine is further down the bank almost at water level.

At this point you can see the old foundations.

If you are out of shape like me, you need to stop and take a few minutes to check out the flora and catch your breath. 

Tracks leading out of the mine.

The mine. Definitely not safe. Took a look inside and did not venture in. Lots of water in the entrance. The mine was productive for over forty years. 

Internet photo of the mine back in its early days.


  1. Wow, what wild, rugged and beautiful landscape!

  2. Beautiful surroundings (and pausing to appreciate the flora is expected).

  3. That hike made you live 4 minutes longer. I know you will use it well.
    Very good writeup and pictures.

    1. It was worth it and I would do it again.