Monday 15 May 2023

Monday post

May 12, 2023 the Bleriot Ferry north of Drumheller, Alberta opened for the season. On May 13, 2023 I took the motorcycle out for the first long ride of the season. Every year I make a trip to take the ferry. I enjoy that part of the country. Every year I do the same dumb thing by taking a long ride that takes up the day instead of taking several small rides and building up to a long ride. I am stiff and all over and I should know better. Next year will roll around and I will do the same dumb thing all over again. 

The residents of Drayton Valley are still not able to return home, a state of emergency remains due to the wildfires. No idea when mom can move back.

I visited mom and took her out for ice cream on Mother's Day and did some shopping for her. It is getting a little more difficult to visit mom, her memory seems to be getting worse. Every visit we seem to discuss the same things because she does not remember what we talked about on the prior visit. With her being closer I visit more often.


  1. But every time you discuss the same old things, it's new and interesting to her, and that's what counts!

  2. It's human nature to forget the pain in favour of the joy of a road trip.
    Ice cream with your Mom for Mother's Day - pretty special. I wonder if there would be any chance for her to stay where she is now once the fire ban is lifted because it would be nice to have her closer.

  3. Like childbirth or tattoos, painful but people keep acquiring more.
    I was told once that memory loss is harder on us than them. Hope the residents can go back soon.