Friday 19 May 2023

Trying to get to the weekend

Yesterday I visited mom during my lunch break. The day before I was informed that mom is to go back to Drayton Valley on May 23 as per the memo they gave all of the evacuated seniors.

Mom phoned me after her visit to tell me that the situation changed and she was being moved back to Drayton Valley May 20, this Saturday. Mom was in a bit of a panic as she had accumulated a few items during her stay and wanted me to get them. I said I would. I will see her today.

A few hours after that I got a call from the retirement home staff telling that mom would be on her way back at 10:00am on Saturday. I thanked her and told her I had something specific to say before she got off the phone. When she asked what it was I said I was very grateful and impressed with the great job all of them did with evacuating everyone on such short notice. She thanked me and said she would tell the rest of the staff.

I am trying to get away for a couple of days on the weekend for a trip I had planned four months ago. My sister is supposed to come up and spend a few days with mom. I am the primary contact so a few calls were made to my sister with the changing information. As well I am obsessing with getting stuff packed. I have been so tired lately I can see myself accidentally leaving my bag of clothes behind.

Shortly before leaving work I get a text from my long time friend who lives in Brunei. He texted "Hey, you coming to the wedding? I just arrived in the US". I knew his daughter was getting married when I last met up months ago, I just did not remember when. I also did not receive an invitation. I sent him a response to get back to me. So far I have heard nothing back. 

Regardless I am heading out this weekend. I need the break.


  1. Glad to hear that your Mom is going to be able to return to her home, even though it's going to make it a little more difficult for you. Hope you enjoy your weekend away!