Thursday 11 May 2023

Range Road 40 northwest of Warburg, Alberta

North of  Highway 39 on Range Road 40. This was one of the fire spots that prompted an emergency evacuation last Friday. This one was brought under control rather quickly. It got very close to the farm on the other side of the road. I have a friend a little bit south on this road who had to evacuate and another friend about five miles north.

Farm directly across from the fire.

The fire near Drayton Valley is still burning and residents are still not allowed back. The army was called in to provide assistance with firefighting. There is supposed to be a substantial update tomorrow by the authorities. There was more rain last night so I am hoping for good news.


  1. I'm sure evacuees are keen to go home again once it's safe.

  2. I hope they're able to return home soon.

  3. Seeing the devastation on the news is terrifying. This morning, even here, we can see some of the effects - the sky is hazy and although the sun is shining we can't see it. We're told it's smoke from the fires that's causing it. Bless the firefighters and all that are doing their best to keep people safe.