Wednesday 2 June 2021

Summerberry School

Great old abandoned stone school in Summerberry, Saskatchewan which is a ghost town. This is a really neat building. You can street view it in Google.

There is a slide on the side of the school. It looks like a fire escape.


  1. What a beauty! The only time I've personally seen a fire escape like this was on the old stone schoolhouse in Valier, Montana.

  2. The junior high school that I attended had a slide like this on either side of the building, one above the “Boy’s Entrance” and one above the “Girl’s Entrance” (writ in stone). Mind you, I attended in the early 90’s, so this was pretty ancient technology by then.

    It was originally built as the local high school in the 20’s. It MIGHT have been a tradition for the bold among us to make a flying leap down those slides on the last day of school each year.

  3. There was a great deal of artistry that went into this one - not just a 'simple' either brick or stone but thought obviously went into the design. Such a shame that it's abandoned.