Tuesday 29 June 2021

51.740467, -115.541580

Bighorn Falls in Clearwater County, Alberta. There is a small parking area where a bridge crosses Bighorn Creek. Last Saturday June 26, 2021 it was over 30C. There are two ways to the falls. I was here once before and only saw them from above. This time I walked alongside the creek and then most of the way in the creek. I was barefoot in my runners and it felt great. It was only about one kilometre distance to get there.

You can walk right up to the base of the falls. For being in the middle of nowhere it is a popular place. There were a couple of family groups enjoying cooling off when I was there. From where I live it is a day trip, about three hours and a bit one way. 


View from the ridge the looking down on the falls. Beautiful spot.


  1. Beautiful! It's a 15 hr drive from here, 800-900 miles.
    Too bad the border is closed, that and half the way there is country I've never seen before.

  2. Magnificent country! It's a bit of a drive from Arizona. So thank you for sharing it here!

  3. Very impressive! Must admit I would find it far more interesting than seeing Niagara Falls.