Friday 11 June 2021

Abandoned elevator Doonside, Saskatchewan May 27, 2021

There is one elevator in Doonside and nothing else. There was a bit of a settlement here at one time. I found a school marker while I was taking photos. The area was big enough at one time for an elevator and a school.

A road runs north by the elevator, a trail runs up to the elevator that I did not drive on due to recent rain, and another road runs alongside it so I got it from several spots.


  1. Seeing this got me wondering if bats haven up residence....or at the very least there must be birds.

  2. The railway crossing sign has the stop sign at bottom, not the top like usual. I think the sign started as a railway crossing, then somebody though they should add a stop sign, so the hammered one one below because it was easier.

  3. According to the You-tube video on this, this elevator originally was constructed in Dumas (on the Peanut Line) and moved here. More on the school that was there is also on another You-tube video.