Wednesday 23 June 2021


Showed up to work yesterday, coughed a few times, and promptly got sent home. My work sent me a text message requesting that I get a COVID test and send them the results before coming back.

The work day starts at 8:30am, I was home by 9:00am. I then looked into getting a COVID test. The Government of Alberta has a website where you can book an appointment. I go through several pages and get to the end where you submit it to get an appointment. I could not get the website to work beyond that point.

I then phoned the local hospital. They tell me you have to book through Alberta Health Services. Try the website again, no success. Phone the number on the website where after going through the phone menu options I sit on hold for over ninety minutes before I get a live body.

I then answer a raft of questions and the registered nurse on the other end tells me I have a cold. I agree, however my employer insists on a COVID test and I need to book one. Then the line goes dead. I wait a minute, then I get a phone call, the nurse apologizes for accidentally hanging up on me. I am just grateful I do not need to do this again for another possibly another ninety minutes. My appointment is for 1:30pm where I have to drive to a parking lot where two trailers are set up to do the testing.

I get to the parking lot at the given time. My instructions were to wait in my vehicle until called. So for fifteen minutes I am waiting in 30C heat until I am called. I get a call and they ask me for my name, I give it to them, and the line goes dead. I promptly get another call and the same thing happens again. At this point I am contemplating walking over and knocking on the door of the trailer. Before that happens someone starts walking towards me in a white medical overall, blue gloves, and a facemask. She verifies my identity and I follow her to the trailer.

The trailer looks like a forty foot cargo trailer with no windows. When you get inside it looks like something out of a science fiction movie. There are seven people inside dressed the same way as my guide, laptops, and some medical stuff. I get a swab stuck up my nose for ten seconds and I am done.

At 2:45am this morning I got a text stating my test was negative for COVID. All of my alerts on my phone are turned off so I do not know if I get a text or an email unless I tap an icon to check. I woke up after eight this morning and discovered the news.

So I have cold which has largely gone away. I might be able to go into work tomorrow.


  1. What fun!
    I came here from The Daily Timewaster; cool photos and stories.

  2. Good you had a bit more sleep on the cold. It appears to have made you feel a bit better. COVID test results can fast after you got your foot in the door! Telus charges too much for their sporadic services.

    1. Every cell provider charges too much in Canada. The only thing I like about Telus is that I own shares.

  3. Phew - very good news that it's not the dreaded covid! I suppose your work was wise to err on the side of caution. I feel for you with the debacle over getting the test - I went through h-e-double-hockey-sticks just to book the vaccine(s). Now that they're wanting people to move their appts. forward I'm terrified to even try because I suspect I'll be right back where I started. Feel better soon!

  4. Glad you don't have Covid! I can understand why your employer would want a test confirmation though. It's only prudent.

  5. My gardening clients consist of lawyers, doctors, software and aeronautical engineers, ranchers, retirees, sweet little old ladies that have friendly dogs and many others. They've never asked me to have a covid test if they hear me cough or sneeze. They usually just offer me a tissue and that's that. Then it's time for tea. Nobody got sick and all was/is well. I think this is all blown out of proportion.