Monday 30 November 2020

State of the blog address

November 30 is the anniversary date of this blog. I think. That is the date that I go with.

I still loathe the latest version of Blogger. There are many reasons which I will not get into.

To say this has been an interesting year would be charitable. At the beginning of the year I had some plans to do certain things. I am not alone, I am sure that everyone had things they dreamed of doing that were rapidly derailed by COVID. I am not sure if we will be able to do much of anything a few months from now. The rules of the game keep changing. We live in interesting times. Currently I can go to a restaurant but not have people in my home. Go figure.

My employment this year was not affected. Lots of people had their lives upended. It was, and sometimes still is, tough dealing with clients and family who had their lives blindsided by this. I sincerely hope everyone gets their life back. The reality is some will not.

I still have this half formed plan to travel to Iceland which I wanted to do this year. Obviously that did not happen. Why Iceland? Everybody wants to travel somewhere. That was one of two places (other than the USA) outside of Canada where I wanted to travel. One of those I accomplished. That trip was in the budget. I think it will get kicked over to the year after next. It might take that long to get the world somewhat back to normal.

Events this year threw a wrench into everyone's plans. I am not unique. Trips within my country had to be changed or scrapped, forget any trips I wanted to make to the USA. I had planned a trip or two for a week into British Columbia. Those became trips to Saskatchewan instead, less hassle due to provincial restrictions. Trips were shorter instead of longer this year simply because of lot of places were closed and events were suspended. Things are more expensive which in turn made road trips more costly. That may affect future plans and may affect this blog in the future.

With what has happened this year I thought that I might not get anyplace interesting or find anything worthy to post. I was glad to prove myself wrong. I just had to concentrate on exploring other places. I did get to see some interesting sights. I thought I might not get any good photos this year. I think I got a few. If nothing else I got to cross two ferries off my list.

My motorcycle riding this year was practically non-existent. Too many rainy days in this area up to the end of July. Plus the bike was in the shop for an extended period. I just recently got parts in for the bike so there should be no issues with the bike next year. However the phrase "Famous last words" comes to mind.

As always thank you to those who contribute posts and material to this blog. Thank you to those that comment, I get some comments on old posts that cause me to do some thinking and a little digging. I do my best to credit contributors and link to their blog if they have one. By the way, starting a blog is an interesting way to meet people. I hope to meet more and I am looking towards a brighter future. To start a blog and keep it going this long has been a bit of an accomplishment.

There may be a break from blogging in the new year or less frequent posts. We shall see.


  1. You have a very pleasant and enjoyable blog. Thank you. It may be time to let your photography choices expand a bit from the last couple of years. I am looking forward to more photos of your country since there is little chance I will make it up there nowdays.

  2. The irritating thing is that 90% of this crap is pointless.

  3. I have been impressed with the varied country you show on your blog. It's someplace I have not been and I had no idea what it looked like, nice! That part of the world is now on radar.
    I appreciate your sharing!

  4. You have done an admirable job of keeping the blog going. Thank you for sharing it!

  5. Happy Blogiversary! When I started blogging (must look to see how many years ago) I thought it was expected that I post every day and I did for a long time. Then I realized I was driving myself batty trying to come up with something to post about and over time I have pretty much settled on a Mon., Wed., and Fri. schedule. I know some people have gone to once a week and that seems to work for them.