Friday 13 November 2020

Foley Timber School 1937 - 1952

I was here months ago this year when there was at least two feet of snow on the ground. This is in Yellowhead County, Alberta near Carrot Creek. Not much around except farms, trees, and brush.

Actually there are two schools on this site. The one on the right is Foley Timber School. The other one must have been moved here from some other location and it is definitely a school. I do not know which one it is.

Foley Timber School.

Other unidentified school.

Got inside both. Not much to see. Both are falling apart.


  1. I wonder why the other school was moved there - and a further wonder at there not being some sort of marker to state what school it was.

  2. When I was there earlier this year I wasn't sure which school was the Foley Timber school.

  3. Love the one looking out the window!

  4. Hello! The older building is indeed the Follie (sic) Timber School. The painted building is actually the portable school building from Niton that was brought to the site in 1983 to be used as the Foley Timber community Hall. You can learn more about the school and the hall in the local history book: Niton and Foley Timber Then and Now.

  5. I also wondered about the 2 schools there so I am glad to see the above comment! When I was there is the summer the original school was hard to see with all the greenery.