Thursday 19 November 2020

Road Tripping - Part Two - Hiding from Friday the 13th

The last Friday the thirteenth in March of this year the world went to hell. If the same thing was going to happen in November when Friday the thirteenth hit I was damn well not going to be a work this time.

I am not superstitious. I just wanted to get away to someplace nice. Ainsworth Hot Springs in British Columbia is a nice place. If you are going to hide from Friday the thirteenth this is one of the places where I prefer to hide. Apparently the population here is twenty people. There is the resort, a small motel, a few houses, and that is about it.

There is some upside to COVID. Less than half the resort was full and the hot springs were closed to the general public and were reserved for hotel guests only.

There of course multiple downsides to COVID. You could not get breakfast at the resort restaurant because they were not serving it. They have in the past. If you wanted breakfast there you could go to the main lobby and grab a paper bag that contained a muffin, an apple, and container of juice.

I wake up way too early at this point in my life. I was up at about six. Did some reading. Looked out the window later and someone was in the parking lot beside their van enjoying their bong. He was taking hits and then looking around to see if anyone had saw him. Whoever he was he was too dumb to consider someone might see him from their room. I rapped on my second floor window which caused him to turn around and see where the noise was coming from. He could not figure it out. No one can tell me the best and the brightest do drugs. For my own amusement I reported him to the front desk later.

Going back to sleep was not possible. Some zealous type decided to clear the parking lot with the snowplow, which was a plow attached to a pickup. Snow had fallen during the night but it was wet slushy snow that was mostly water than snow that might have been an inch in total.

I grabbed what passed for breakfast and made some coffee with the coffeemaker that was in the room. Of course with COVID everything comes in prearranged packages and you have to contend with powdered creamer. Nevertheless I was in the pool as soon as it opened at nine.

During the day it snowed, rained, turned to sleet, or decided to do a combination of those. For the entire day. If you are sitting in outdoor hot springs why would you care? I sure as hell did not. Two hours of this was perfect. There were so few people using the pools at times that we were the only ones in it. If you want to get your heart rate up there is an ice cold pool that you can plunge in after getting out of the hot pool. Once was enough.

Out of the pool, grab some food since the restaurant was open and serving actual food. Took a quick trip down the road to cross taking the Harrop Ferry off my list then back to the resort and in the pool. Few hours of that, then dinner. Bacon wrapped rib-eye again simply because it was so damn good the night before. Then about two more hours in the pool to close out the day. The nice thing about coming here is that there really is not a lot to do so you are kind of forced to do nothing. With everything going on in the world I was fine with that.


  1. Sounds very relaxing, except for the snow plow and bong guy.

  2. Ainsworth is a beautiful area!

  3. Ah, being forced to do nothing - my idea of heaven, at least for awhile. Have never known the pleasure of a hot spring but I imagine it must be wonderful.