Friday 6 November 2020

Donahoo School 1913 - 1957

Former one room school southwest of Evansburg, Alberta. This is now used as a community hall and has church services every second Sunday. While there a farmer was driving his tractor up the road and stopped to ask about my interest in the school. I mentioned that I just liked to find out if old schools are still standing and then go see them in person. The farmer was Carl Lakevold, his farm was across the road, and he told me he attended that school (it went up to Grade Eight) and his mother taught in the school. If you were going to attend the higher grades you had to go to the school in Wildwood, Alberta at the time. His mother was a teacher for over thirty years and she taught in various one room schools in Alberta. 

The barn at Mr. Lakevold's farm right across the road.


  1. Nice to be able to talk to someone who went there!

  2. Nice to know that someone who actually attended the school still lives in the area. And he has a pretty sweet barn too!