Sunday 29 November 2020

A little school history

A reader of this blog, Don Rice, sent me an email and mentioned that his grandparents taught in a few one room schools. He provided the following where they taught.

Embury School which is about 40km North of Saskatoon - no school there anymore, just the marker where it once stood.

Parker School which is about 50km North of Saskatoon, the red brick school school, although not in great condition is still there, and there is a marker as well. Considering this school just celebrated its one hundredth anniversary in September and the building hasn't really been looked after in fifty years, it is amazing that it is still standing in as good of a condition as it is. It definitely would need some work, but I'm checking to see if it would be feasible to fix up this rare red brick single-room school and have it named a heritage site. There is only one red brick single-room heritage site school in Saskatchewan, and that is over 250km away.

I have started a Facebook page for the school:

Penner School, maybe 5km north of Saskatoon. This school is still used as the Saskatoon Snowmobile Clubs Clubhouse, and there is a marker as well. The school is in fantastic condition.


  1. His great grand parents you say...
    I went to a one room country school (1st-8th grade in one room) from first thru 6th grades. An amazing experience....

  2. It looks like it should be well worth attempting to preserve.