Tuesday 10 November 2020

Braking news

Over a week ago I got my car out of the shop after they fixed the brakes on warranty. The second day I drove it after getting it back I noticed a somewhat scraping almost squealing noise from the direction of the rear passenger wheel. Lately it is always something. I stopped driving it, dropped it off as soon as the shop opened last Friday. I found out that the rear calipers needed work. I was a bit surprised because they supposedly fixed all of the brake issues on the last visit.

I got a call the car is fixed today. Hopefully it is when I pick it up and there are no further issues. They are eating the cost once again. The car is my winter vehicle and it has new winter tires. We had a weekend snowstorm so I have not been driving anywhere except to work. I look forward to parking the truck for the winter and using the car.


  1. Rear calipers? Or did they put the brake pads in upside down? That happened with my Dad's car once. It made a scrapey squealing sound too.

    1. They said calipers so I will go with that for now.

  2. At least you seem to have an honest repair shop.

  3. Most people park the car and drive the truck in winter.

    But I'm glad that you seem to have solved your brake issues.

  4. Good heavens - it seems you are having some 'interesting' luck when it comes to your vehicles. Hope they got it fixed correctly!