Sunday 20 October 2019

This one was well hidden

Lampburg School. This one was well hidden down a side road. It is in a little clearing behind some trees. If you did not know exactly where it was chances are you would never stumble across it. I could find no readily available information on it. Someone or some group has restored it.

Coal chute.

Windows placed to catch the morning sun.


  1. Can you imagine sitting in that school with that sun pouring in and trying to stay awake during the lesson?

  2. Sorry. Really late with the questions. Would this this be the building, a good qtr. mile off the nearest road, hidden in a clearing, down an even longer winding laneway?

    County website mentions it was community centre for a while. Seems an odd location....

    (No specific location will be mentioned, in keeping with the tenor of the times.


    1. I think you have a copy or access to a certain book.