Tuesday 29 October 2019

Random note

Some days I am not sure if it is worth taking a day off.

I took Monday off so I could enjoy an extended weekend.

I was out of town on the weekend. Saturday was acceptable, Sunday and Monday were days of nasty wind and intermittent blowing snow of varying intensity and visibility. I also managed to get a flat tire. Even though I told my immediate family I was disappearing for a few days they seem to have forgotten and phoned me a few times wondering if some harm had come to me, simply because they had not heard from me in a few days. My first day back at work is dealing with nothing but a variety of client problems.

I could use some time away from my time away.


  1. Saturday was acceptable... rejoice!

  2. Damn the Universe for not cooperating! And clearly, your family does not listen to a word you say, LOL! Or do you just sound like the adults and teachers do in all those Charlie Brown/Peanuts TV specials? https://youtu.be/q_BU5hR9gXE

  3. Isn't that always the way! Seems that the universe is all geared up to make us pay for daring to take some time off.