Saturday 5 October 2019

Little Fort Ferry September 29, 2019

Located at Little Fort, British Columbia. There is not much in Little Fort. It is named after a small fort that was built here in the 1840's on the east side of the North Thompson River. There does not seem to be much ferry traffic either.

This was an interesting experience. The ferry will take you to the other side and that is about it. There are some forestry roads but there was a sign saying the Windpass Road was closed. Directly on the other side is a farm and a residence. The road on the other side almost looks like it goes through someone's yard. When you cross there is really nowhere to go with the Windpass Road closed.

This is an on demand ferry. It has a wood deck and wood ramps. You can hear the wood creak as you drive onto it. The ferry holds two vehicles and is a reaction ferry, the current moves it across the North Thompson River. The ferryman steers the ferry across the river with a wooden paddle.

The ferry operator was friendly and great to talk to. He asked what I wanted and I said I just wanted to ride the ferry. I had taken every ferry in Saskatchewan and Alberta and I was working my way through the inland British Columbia ferries. He said he took someone across a few months ago that was doing the same thing. Here I thought I was unique. He said it was his break and he was going to do a coffee run but he would take us across first and come back. I offered to pay for his coffee since he was doing me a favour. He declined. I asked about the Windpass Road and he said it was closed however he took some hunters over a couple of days ago and they were driving over it. He could not say for sure what kind of condition the road was in. I thought against trying it. I got to ride the ferry over, take a few minutes on the other side, and get a ride back. When I got back home I sent an email to Argo Road Maintenance Inc. who looks after the ferry to put in a few good words about the ferry operator. 

West side of the river.


East side of the river up on the hill.

Since I drive a 2010 Ford Ranger you could say I forded the river.

East to west.


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    Beautiful area, I must say.

  3. Great pictures. First time I have seen them chalk the vehicles on a ferry.

  4. Would you believe I meant to say chock?

  5. Looks like it was a nice day for a ferry ride.