Tuesday 1 October 2019

A quick road trip

Dragged a buddy of mine on a road trip. It was not much of a struggle, he was a willing participant.

Saturday September 28, 2019 from Warburg, Alberta west along Highway 39, south on Highway 22, west on Highway 11, south on Highway 93, then west on Highway 1 to spend the night in Salmon Arm, British Columbia. We crammed in a few quick places that I had on my list.

The next day we turned off Highway 1 at Squilax to go north on the Squilax-Anglemont Road, then onto the Holding Road to the Adams Lake Forest Services Road to the Agate Bay Road to Highway 5 north where we turned east onto Highway 16. There were a few more stops of places that I wanted to see. Somehow I missed how to get to Pyramid Creei Falls off of Highway 5 but I will take care of that on another trip. With it being Sunday night ,and the next day was the trip home, it only made sense to stop for steak in Jasper, Alberta. We each had a rib-eye to close out the day and they were damn fine steaks. Then east on Highway 16 to stay the night in Hinton, Alberta. The next day was straight home along Highway 16 and back along Highway 39. Home on September 30. I am a little dead today.

This may well be the last trip that is more than one day that we do together. It is getting harder to get schedules to match up and for one or the other one of us to have the funds available is another issue. My friend's kids are getting close to their teens and they will - and should - be taking up more of his time. Times change. Enjoy what you can when you can.


  1. Sounds like a great road trip - and you're so right to say that you should enjoy what you can when you can. Good philosophy for life I think.

  2. The rib-eye is indeed the king of steaks. Yum!