Saturday 12 October 2019

Adams Lake Ferry, British Columbia

September 29, 2019.

This is a twenty-four hour on demand cable ferry that carries ten vehicles. Once you cross there is nowhere to go. There are homes on the other side and the ferry is the only way in and out for those on the other side. The ferry was operated by one person who never left the control room who also set the ramps and the gates. Crossing is less than ten minutes.

The only bridge was burned in 1995 when the local Indian band protested against a recreational development on the lake. Hence the establishment of the ferry. Some of the ferries in British Columbia, including this one, were subject to possible strike action. I asked one of the locals and was told that there were currently contract negotiations and any strike would have been preceded by seventy-two hour strike notice. Which means I got to ride the ferry with no interruptions.


  1. ...I been on a similar ferry in Oregon, it was fast and saved miles of driving.

  2. What do they do in the winter?

  3. Cool! We go out of our way to take the ferry not that there's a whole lot of them out Alberta way.