Sunday 6 October 2019

More Alberta Peace Country with the Redekopps

Continuing our trip, we depart the Shaftesbury Ferry after a pleasant crossing and return, and proceed north on Highway 684 to Grimshaw, Alberta. Great looking old barn just south of Grimshaw and a unique building that I think was a granary just to the west. Grimshaw’s claim to fame is that it is mile zero on the Mackenzie Highway. 

Continuing west on Highway 2 we stop in Brownvale, Alberta. There are two old churches in the hamlet and a number of abandoned commercial buildings. Brownvale is famous for the large mechanical bronco bull and rider which is located on the grounds of the North Peace Agricultural Museum. The mechanical bull was built for the Alberta Government in 1986 for the Alberta Pavillion in Vancouver at Expo 86.  It stands 15 feet high and is constructed of wood, metal and fibreglass.The rider was supposed to be Brian Mulroney who was PM at that time. The museum acquired it after the expo and it is still functional. 

We continue west on Highway 2 and stop for a quick look at the St. Teresa Parish church in Whitelaw, Alberta.

Back on Highway 2 to Dunvegan, Alberta. We do the self guided tour of the historic site.This is a recommended stop and more information available here:

Back on Highway 2 we cross the Peace River on Alberta’s longest suspension bridge. This bridge was constructed in 1960 to replace the ferry service and is 750 metres long.

Next stop is Rycroft where we had a look at the St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church (1930-2003). Stopped in Woking to see the Russian Greek Orthodox Church but learned that it had been moved to Sexsmith in 2017 by the Sexsmith Historical Society. Spotted a unique cemetery beside the highway in Webster. If you are into cemeteries, this one is a must see.

Last stop of the day is Sexsmith. Sexsmith has an interesting main street as well as a number of historic buildings including the church from Woking.

On to Grande Prairie,Alberta for the night

- Dale Redekopp
- Lynn Redekopp

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  1. That little Webster cemetery is certainly a welcoming place! An adirondack chair and everything!