Monday 20 August 2018

Postal post

This has been on my informal list of places to track down. On a forum someone posted a sign that marks this place. I looked up the legal land description from the sign and tried to find it a year ago. I got some directions from someone on the same forum so I could find it. The person that gave me the directions mixed up northeast and southwest as well as mixing up the directions that range roads and township roads run. Range roads run north/south, township roads run east/west. The directions I got implied the opposite.

Regardless, I found out why I was not able to find it the first time. The legal description on the sign might be wrong. Looking up the legal description show it should be on Range Road 170, in reality it is on Range Road 171 a mile west. 

I was looking for the Hunterville Post Office sign. There is no Hunterville in this day and age. I run across many school markers, post office marker are not as numerous. I found it easily. There is still a significant haze in the Alberta skies from forest fires in British Columbia. The haze does not result in the best photos.

That is supposedly the old post office on a hill behind a fence a ways from the road.

Historical sign beside the road. No one lives nearby. I am amused to find historical markers in places where not a lot of people will see them.

Hunterville Post Office 1908 - 1916. An important spot in its day.


  1. Sounds like it didn't last long. Best laid plans and all that.

  2. You have to be a regular Sherlock Holmes to find some of these places!

  3. You beat me to this one. I have had it on the list for ages.