Thursday 2 August 2018


Life manages to intrude on road trips and posts.

I rode my motorcycle to work yesterday. I try to ride it to work as much as I can. I should really walk to work since I live a mile away. I digress. On the way to work I noticed a serious wobble. I could not see anything noticeably wrong. The tires seemed fine. Everything looked in order. I am not going to ride it with the chance that somethng might be seriously wrong so I immediately dropped it off at my one and only local motorcycle shop. They are booked and they might get to it this Friday. So much for taking a ride on the long weekend which is this weekend. Hopefully it is a inexpensive fix.

I may just sell the bike. I have not been out as much this year for a variety of reasons. I love riding it. The problem is whenever I go on an extended ride I start to get headaches from neck strain from wearing a helmet. My neck is a bit of a mess from a car accident years ago. I am noticing more of a problem these days.

This blog picked up a follower recently. Earlier this year I lost a few followers and the page views went down around the samt time. Views have kind of recovered over recent months and I have more followers than before. In the grand scheme of things this does not mean anything other than I am happy that anyone stops by and reads this thing.

I subscribe to some blogs and read a lot of other sites on the internet on a daily basis usually at night before dozing off and first thing in the morning. I rarely watch television, I find my daily reads more interesting. I like to get comments on this blog however I do not comment much on the places that I read. If I commented more I might get more in return. Maybe it works that way. For some reason a lot of times I find myself too busy to comment.

I am busy at work and with other things that unexpectedly come up. My lawyer needed some documents from me from a few years ago. I knew where they were, they were scanned and saved on a laptop. The laptop was in a storage unit. The laptop is an older laptop that still runs Vista. I found the laptop no problem, finding the power cord took a lot of time since I thought I stored them together. I definitely needed the power cord since the laptop was absolutely dead. I got the laptop booted up, found the file (Vista caused no problems), and could not email it because it would not connect to the wifi. I had to hunt for a flash drive. I usually have a couple handy, not this time. Once I found one I transferred the file to my other laptop and emailed it off. What should have taken a few minutes killed my evening.

Other than that I am trying to enjoy summer before it disappears.


  1. A lot of day to day stuff going on in your world, good luck!

  2. Life sure gets in the way of pleasure sometimes. Comment when you can; it means more to some folks than you know.

  3. Just to let you know I read and enjoy all your posts. Born and raised on the prairie so it's a trip to see the past I remember, not as it is now.

    Thanks, Joanne

    1. Thank you. I am happy to have posts from Mr. Truman and Mr. Boyko. I get a kick out the fact that people read this blog.