Wednesday 29 August 2018

It feels like October lately . . .

Farmer's fields are getting that shaved look. The haze in the air from forest fires from British Columbia make the evening sky look like harvest time when all the grain dust is in the air. It feels later than it is. Time feels a bit out of sync. My summer seems to have slipped away before I could get a grip on it.

Things are changing. A friend of mine gave me short notice that he is moving across the country. I might have seen him for the last time this last weekend. We met for a quick beer and said goodbye. I hope things go well for him.


  1. You're right. Time DOES feel a bit out of sync this summer.

  2. I've been seeing the leaves change color for a week or 10 days now (I'm in Maine right now) & it's still Aug! All the farmers are getting in hay.
    For something different I saw a machine making small squares and tossing them into a high sided wagon behind the baler. Then a guy would take the wagon load of small squares to back to his place & stack them in the barn, the conveyor taking the bales to the top of the barn was neat!
    A lot of specialized equipment.
    There have been loads of BRB's too..

  3. Uh oh! You're on the downhill slide now, my friend! - lol

  4. Things seem out of sync here, too. Yesterday the sky was full of geese headed south, at least a month early.
    Square stacks of hay bales are almost as good as the big, round ones. :)