Wednesday 22 August 2018

Église de Sainte-Radegonde

For several miles along Highway 13 I could see the spire of Église de Sainte-Radegonde rising above the tallest trees in Lafleche, Saskatchewan. It was a blistering hot Wednesday afternoon but the mature trees along the streets and boulevards provided some welcoming shade upon my arrival.

I drove directly to the church, parked and with camera in hand began taking photos of this rather grand church located in a town of only about four hundred people. I was standing in the middle of the street when a lady drives up and says the church is open and I'm welcome to take photos inside as well as outside. There's nothing like a small town greeting!

The church is built of pressed clay brick from the nearby Claybank Brick Foundry.

The view from the front doors towards the altar . . .

. . . and from the altar to the front doors.

The stained glass window above the altar . . .

. . . and on the adjacent walls of the altar . . .

. . . my personal favourite, the window above the front doors.

The cornerstone of the church.

The church is in immaculate condition . . .

. . . and rises over one hundred and twenty feet into the sky.

Lafleche is a predominantly French community.  I love the way some of the older folks can switch between speaking French and English without a hitch...and without any noticeable accent. 

The church is a Municipal Heritage Property.

- Michael Truman


  1. What a gorgeous church! It reminds me of the one in St. Jean-Baptiste or St. Malo, MB... giant churches out of proportion to the communities they are in.

  2. You mention seeing it for miles. That reminded me of a similar situation with the little Catholic church in the middle of nowhere at Churchtown, Ohio.

  3. Another beautiful church!!

  4. I have driven past this church on two occasions and never stopped. I am glad I have Michael Truman posting here to show me what I am missing.

  5. Stopping in small towns can be very rewarding. Highly recommended!