Monday 27 August 2018

Not Fade Away

I was first made aware of this in Greg McDonnell’s book “Canadian Pacific: Stand Fast Craigellachie” – a simple monument made out of ties, silver paint, and wooden cross bucks for CPR laborer Mytro Borys, who was killed during the construction of the Bassano – Irricana branch line in June 1913. Greg writes when construction threatened the site, Borys was officially exhumed and reburied. When CPR rehabilitated the line in the 1980s under the Prairie Branch Line Rehabilitation Program, the gravesite was spruced up at the same time and a new wooden marker was installed. The original cedar 7x7 inch cross buck post, weathered and split from decades in the prairie sun, was left and leans against the grave fence.

CPR would abandon and remove the railway line between Standard and Irricana in 1976, and the portion between Bassano to Standard was put up for abandonment in 2005, and was later removed. 

Since we were in the area, we decided to stop and pay our respects to Myto, a young immigrant helping CPR build their branch line on the Alberta prairies at mile 28.8 of the Irricana subdivision. Located in Wheatland County, just outside of Chancellor, Alberta. Visited in June 2018

- Jason Paul Sailer