Wednesday 13 January 2016

Utopia School 1904 - 1950

Quick trip through part of rural Southwestern Alberta on January 9, 2016. Drive south on Highway 6 south from Pincher Creek, Alberta until you get to Township Road 50. Go east on Township Road 50 until you see Range Road 284. Just a little further east is Utopia School on the south side of Township Road 50 sitting all alone in a farmer's field. There is literally nothing nearby. 

I cannot find anything noteworthy about it. It is a typical one room schoolhouse that I just wanted to visit. I know at one time there was one west and another one north of here. The mountains provide a nice backdrop to this place. I wanted to get photos of all sides. The first few steps I took I sank in snow up to my knees. I will revisit in the summer.


  1. You need some snow shoes BW.

    I wonder if any of the old students are still around? And if they ever come back to see their old school?

    1. I kind of wonder the same thing.

    2. my family homesteaded in the area in the 1880's..Yes,some of my aunts went to school here,and in 1988,we were taken on a "tour" by an aunt

  2. They probably didn't think it was "Utopia" trying to get to school in the Winter.