Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Utopia School 1904 - 1950

Quick trip through part of rural Southwestern Alberta on January 9, 2016. Drive south on Highway 6 south from Pincher Creek, Alberta until you get to Township Road 50. Go east on Township Road 50 until you see Range Road 284. Just a little further east is Utopia School on the south side of Township Road 50 sitting all alone in a farmer's field. There is literally nothing nearby. 

I cannot find anything noteworthy about it. It is a typical one room schoolhouse that I just wanted to visit. I know at one time there was one west and another one north of here. The mountains provide a nice backdrop to this place. I wanted to get photos of all sides. The first few steps I took I sank in snow up to my knees. I will revisit in the summer.


  1. You need some snow shoes BW.

    I wonder if any of the old students are still around? And if they ever come back to see their old school?

  2. They probably didn't think it was "Utopia" trying to get to school in the Winter.