Monday 25 January 2016

Discovering stuff online

Anyone who has read this space sort of has an idea of what this blog is about. While looking up stuff one night I discovered a place in Alberta that I never heard about before. The place is called Cravath Corners and from what I can tell the place existed for about a decade or more. Maybe less. There is no reference to it on maps that I have seen. I found a link to a small cemetery by that name. 

Having my curiousity piqued I did a few searches and found nothing more however a site that I use on occasion had a link to a book that someone published. The book was published in 1963 and looks to be about ten pages. The great thing is that someone scanned it and put in online. The scan job is not the greatest, I was able to make out some of the pages and there were some photos. From the photos there was a one room schoolhouse in the area and some sod houses. Now I am wondering if the sod houses are still there. Now I am really interested in checking this out.

This is what I love and dislike about the internet. Obscure books are increasingly finding their way online. In the past you would have to wander through a local library and with luck you would stumble across some arcane local history. What I dislike is searching for stuff like this and finding it is often a matter of chance.

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  1. Ah, but the quest is half the fun! Especially when you find something in that obscure, hidden place!
    Onward, BW - onward .....