Friday 8 January 2016

Open road? Maybe

I had a less than memorable Christmas. Things are looking better and I am feeling more up about life in general. The days are starting to get longer. It is early but winter's days are numbered and spring is inevitable. My motorcycle is in a storage unit and I visited it last night to make sure it started. All I need is no snow and sunny days.

I am getting the urge to get out and explore. The trusty Impala recently had to have an anti-freeze leak fixed. I have heat now but my heated seats have decided to stop working. Minor problems. For now everything else works and that is all that matters.

Highway 6 south of Pincher Creek January 1, 2016


  1. Just being able to see those majestic mountains would brighten any day! :o)

    1. And the wide open prairies, spreading to the horizon as everything disappears over the curvature of the earth. Yes!