Monday 4 January 2016

Twin Butte, Alberta January 1, 2016

Highway 6 south of Pincher Creek, Alberta on a fantastically sunny January 1, 2016. There are times when you just have to get out and get somewhere.

The general store and a few residents is all there is to Twin Butte. It really sounds like a place name that you would find in Montana. 

There was a sign on the window that the post office is operating on reduced hours due to decreased demand. Fewer people in the area and other means of communication are taking their toll. I like to see that this one is still operating. My grandmother worked in a general store and running the post office was one of her duties. The Twin Butte post office first started operating June 1, 1905.

You know you are in cattle country when you see signs like this.

Highway 22 is commonly referred to as The Cowboy Trail. Highway 6 runs by Twin Butte. I like the sign.

I have to come down here on the motorcycle and come here when it is open. A place that is a general store, post office, and serves Mexican food is one of those places you just have to visit.

There are no cacti of this type in Alberta. I have seen quite a few of these in farmyards and find it amusing whenever I see one. This is close to the Twin Butte Country Restaurant sign alongside the highway. 


  1. Bet the food is good, too! (Glad it's 'Licensed'!)

  2. Yeah. A report about the Mexican food would be good BW! You should have gone in and chowed down...

    That place is on my list right now.

  3. "Engine idle, 10 minute max"
    Now, who is going to enforce that? The mounties? Or more likely the postmaster/mistress will just come out and yell at you.

    1. I don't do the political thing on this blog but this is all part of the environmental nonsense that has seeped in through the years. I have yet to see any of this actually enforced anywhere.

    2. I actually work at this store and just happened to come across this blog- great by the way!

      We have a no idle policy due to complaints from the neighbors (who moved in many years after the store had been a busy and happening spot!) a few years back. This is also why we have a very large fence on the right side of the property!

      Years back we were ordered to place the signs around although it is seldom an issue and even less something we have time to notice to enforce- It's very busy around here in the summer months!

      Love all the photos- it looks like you happened to be dropping in on a Tuesday which is the day we close during the winter to give the staff a day off. Hope you come back any other day sometime soon!

    3. Thank you for commenting. I appreciate you adding some background to this post.