Sunday 7 August 2022

Windcrest School 1918 - 1948

Very rural Saskatchewan southwest of Moose Jaw.

I had seen this one posted on an internet site a few years back and I had been wanting to track this one down. I cannot remember but one of my internet contacts might have given me the location. This is one that I definitely wanted to see and I was not able to get to in on prior trips.

It is on a dirt road running south off a gravel township road. Since it rained heavily the day before I parked on the gravel road and walked in to this. My SUV has summer tires and this road looked soft in a few places. I have an aversion to getting stuck in the middle of nowhere. After walking it I found that I could have driven in. I also needed the exercise and it was a nice hot summer day for a walk.

There is a stone marker in front of the school. Very few people are ever going to see it.

Windcrest School Division #3938 
SW 22-13-28 W2
1918 - 1948



  1. Walking the school road -- better safe than sorry!

  2. Just think of it this way - you walked where the kids would have back in the day.

  3. I think the name aptly describes the typical day around this old school. There is a lean to all the vegetation in the pictures.

  4. Excellent find!! I also have an aversion to getting stuck in the middle of nowhere, fortunately it only happened once.