Sunday 14 August 2022

Big Muddy Badlands - Castle Butte

South of Bengough, Saskatchewan. About eighteen kilometres south on Highway 34 is the turnoff to Castle Butte.

These are the Big Muddy Badlands. Driving south from Bengough I saw no one on the highway. When I got to the parking lot at Castle Butte there were eight vehicles in the parking lot.

In Coronach, Saskatchewan there are Big Muddy tours. Sam Kelly was an old west outlaw who had his hideout in caves in the area. I have yet to take the tour.

There are people standing on top.

This is the road leading up to the base where there is a small parking lot. Best to travel it when it is dry.

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  1. I climbed the butte a few years back. I also had relatives who farmed in the Debden area and who knew Kelly and had some great stories to tell.