Monday 15 August 2022

Sometimes you have to make the time

I visit mom every Friday night after work and stay overnight. That does not leave me a lot of time on weekends to do much.

Last Friday night it was damn hot at her place. At two in the morning it was still hot. Saturday was the same. I stayed for dinner and made sure that mom was stocked with groceries, her bills were paid, did her dishes, and cleaned up a bit. I would have taken mom out however she does not like to venture out in the heat. On the drive home I kept thinking about some cooler temperatures.

Sunday I woke up early and decided to drive to Jasper, Alberta. Here (53.090761, -118.015003) the Athabasca River is wide and shallow and you can walk out into it a fair distance. The water is not that cold and the mountain breeze was perfect. Sometimes you just have to make the effort and go somewhere.


  1. Sometimes you do.

  2. It's good you can visit your Mom on a regular basis. Those of us who lived half way around the world didn't have that opportunity.

  3. Looks like making the effort in this case was well worth it.
    I'm sure your Mom appreciates all you do and it's good that you live close enough to her to be able to help out.