Monday 1 August 2022

Somedays you start to think you are better off staying home

I had the opportunity to get out on a quick trip this long weekend.

Headed off to see some spots on the way to Regina, Saskatchewan. Light rain for about half of the journey. Radio said there was a tornado watch for my travel path. Between Swift Current and Regina it became a pounding rainstorm. No hail. I had to pull off the highway and wait a bit since it was coming down so hard. None of this was in the forecast that I checked the day before.

I thought it was subsiding a bit and got back on the highway. Turns out I was wrong. I was down to 60km/h until a few miles outside of Regina. No rain in Regina. I needed gas since I was close to empty and I did not want to get gas in a torrential downpour earlier. As soon as I got gas it started raining again. Grabbed something to eat and called it a night.

With all of the rain I thought this trip would be waste. With all of the rain the backroads would likely be soft, the only two places I wanted to go were in the middle of the storm. The next day it was overcast. Well, there were other places to see.

From Regina south on Highway 6 to Pangman. Then west past Ogema, south to Bengough to Big Beaver, west to Coronach, north to Willow Bunch, then to Kayville, Truax, Avonlea, Briercrest, then dinner in Moose Jaw. There were a few side trips along the way. During the day the clouds cleared and it was bright and hot.

The roads were dry enough that I got to the two places I wanted to visit. Travelling is rural areas during a long weekend has a few risks. I stopped in Bengough at the gas station for something to drink. It was nine-thirty and it was not open until ten. I stopped in Coronach at the gas station. Good thing I had enough gas, the station was closed on Sundays. I got gas in Willow Bunch. I asked the lady running the place about gas stations being closed. She said no one can get staff. They were short-staffed and she in putting in long hours.

During dinner I decided I was tired of lousy service and getting pillaged by my hotel. I could save a few dollars if I made a run for home and put funds towards another trip. I made it home well after midnight. Of course the last few hours on the road home it had to rain.


  1. Out and about in the weather, came safely home with a story! Sounds like a good weekend.

  2. I've been caught in heavy rain like that a couple of times in Winnipeg years ago, where you have to pull over to the side of the road because even windshield wipers on high can't get the rain off fast enough for any kind of decent visibility.

  3. Come to BC. We need rain.

  4. Rather sobering to hear that even gas stations are having a hard time getting staff. One wonders what's happened to all the workforce that used to man such places.