Monday 8 August 2022

Abandoned Saskatchewan

Kayville, Saskatchewan is a ghost town. There are quite a few buildings. Depending on the source there are ten or fewer residents. Hope Lutheran Church was built in 1925 and had its last service in 1965.


  1. On another blog they were talking about tractors (well it was actually a pretty girl in front of a really big tractor). The talk went to the size of the tractor and that brought out someone who talked about the huge tracts (25,000 acre, that's almost 40 square miles!) they farm in Alberta & Saskatchewan.
    I guess when you combine a lot of smaller family farms to make a huge one you end up with a lot of abandoned places... houses, churches, schools

    1. There are some really big farms. I know of one that is 42,000 acres in Alberta. There are also a lot of large Hutterite farms.

  2. Interesting perspective to show the back of the building. So sad that someone(s) wouldn't preserve it with a coat of paint.