Friday 5 August 2022

Random rant

Computing and computers have really progressed through the years. I started out using monitors that had a dark background and green lettered displays. Monitors are bigger with sharper images and the computer programs are much better than stuff from years ago. Something about the advances in computers and software puzzles me.

Why is the print so damn small?!

I swear with the bigger crisper colour monitors the print with a lot of software seems to be getting smaller to the point where it is like reading the fine print on terms and conditions. I do have this problem with a lot of the software programs and websites that I use for my job and it is really annoying. Even the default print on Blogger is tiny. I like to be able to read text at a glance.

Maybe I am the only one complaining about this.


  1. Hahahahahahaha, I have the font size on my computer set permanently to 150%. Welcome to advancing age, kiddo!

  2. I'm older and so are my eyes, I figure that younger people set this all up and their younger eyes still work well.

    I use readers, I'm up to 200 now. I remember my first pair, I was 43 yo.

  3. The folks who set it up are young and self-centered with no concern for others.

  4. I haven't commented in quite a while BW, but I thought I'd attempt to answer your question.

    First, why? Because they can. It really is that simple. From a designer's viewpoint, every increase in screen resolution represents an opportunity to cram more content into the same space.

    Second, perspective. The screen view designers use to create software or content rarely looks the same as the user's screen view. The folks who write the software and the folks who test the software are sometimes even on different teams. So if the content creator doesn't bother to view things from the user's perspective, they don't necessarily ever even see the problems that you see.

    Third, solutions. In most cases you can adjust the font size in at least three different ways. 1. From the settings or options menu from within the software program. 2. From the browser level through which you see the software content. 3. From the screen settings level through the control panel. So no matter how small the font is by default, you rarely have to live with it.
    (Just be sure to save everything before you start playing with the settings menus, so you can revert in case you make a mistake.)

    Hope that helps. Thanks for your blog.

    1. When I was taking university courses and writing papers I would play with font sizes when I was reviewing my work. Seeing your work differently helps you see errors or see changes that you want to make.

      Anything I use in Microsoft Word is set to full width and I usually use twelve point font.

      The client management system I use for work has tiny font and I have found no means to adjust it. The owners have locked out a lot of ability to change settings for other programs, security concerns I guess. Most of the company sites I use to input transactions are usually fine except for some functions.

      It does help. I would prefer sites and programs be a little less cluttered and font a touch bigger.