Sunday 26 September 2021

Things can always get worse

Friday morning on my way to work my vehicle broke down again and stranded me.

Got it towed to the shop that repaired it last time. They admitted they screwed up and did not fix it right the last time causing this issue and they are eating the cost of this repair and they are paying my tow bill. With what I have been dealing with I do not want to say more about it. Lately events have been hard to take.

No news on if or when there is going to be a funeral for my friend. His parents and family are devastated. I have been hesitant to contact them. They have my number and I want to give them space.

I highly doubt he had a will. His wife is trying to find out where all the bills and accounts are. She had always left all of that up to him. Now she is trying to locate everything. I am not sure if he file taxes for years. Please, if you do not have a will, get one. Have your affairs somewhat in order. It matters.

I have some unexpected additional personal stuff that came up. Due to this I am not sure what posting will be like.


  1. I hope your stuff works out...

  2. Well, we are all here for you too, in a way. We are all rooting for you and your friends family.

  3. Sorry about the further breakdown - hopefully they will get it sorted correctly this time.
    As for having a will - very important - and having powers of attorney, both over medical and financial affairs, is vital. We all like to think we're invincible and too young to have to worry about such things, but your friend is proof that we do indeed need to take care of it.

  4. As Magpie said, a will, POA (medical and financial) are so important. Even if you don't want anyone knowing your business while alive, make a list of accounts, insurance, bills, who owes you money, and where they are. If there's a pre-paid funeral set up, it's important to know about that fast. Also leave a list of passwords for any social media accounts so they can be closed down. Make sure beneficiaries for 401k, IRAs, life insurance still make sense - the beneficiary takes precedence over what any will says.

    Sorry about your friend...