Monday 20 September 2021

And now for something completely different

Earlier this year as an experiment I printed some photos and posted them on Facebook Marketplace to see if anyone wanted to buy one. The price was low so I thought it would be an easy sell. Anyway there were no takers which does a lot for one's ego.

So if anyone wants the following 12"x18" photo for free I will mail it to you. Email me your address. If this works I may resort to this method to get rid some other ones I printed.

Update: Photo has been claimed.


  1. How much is a copy of that picture? I always thought it was beautiful. I do not do "FaceBook" so I would have never seen the ad.

  2. I also don't do FB, I'm sorry I missed it. Your photographs are very good and I would purchase one.

    1. Tried to respond to your email. My Gmail account does not like your address. If you want to email me directly:

  3. Try advertising on here. A lot of do not participate in the "social media" craze.

  4. I know what a struggle it is to sell our work and I'm sorry you had no takers. It's hard to put ourselves out there and such a bummer when nobody appreciates what you've created (or at least not enough to part with their bucks to own any).