Thursday, 2 September 2021

Might be on a road trip . . .

I was planning on a trip into British Columbia. Labour Day Weekend will be busy. The province has mandated masks again and does not want to alloy you access to a range of businesses starting September 13 unless you have been vaccinated.

A trip into Saskatchewan might be in order. They do not currently have restrictions. I can see restrictions being introduced again here on by the provincial government because government has grown to love them. Edmonton has imposed a mask mandate. I work in a small town and my employer is imposing one again starting tomorrow. We live in strange times.

I want to get out and enjoy what is left of summer.

The photo is Eagle Butte Road near Medicine Hat, Alberta.


  1. We live in strange times indeed. Ontario is implementing the vaccine passport too but (at least for now) it's going to be only available on the fancy cell phones....which I do not possess. Hopefully they'll come out with some other system that's useable for those of us who refuse to spend the massive $$$ to get one of those.