Monday 6 September 2021

Road trip notes

Took last Friday off and ventured into southern Saskatchewan. The powers that be likely want to restrict our freedom again so I thought I would squeeze in a trip.

Got back home Sunday night. Labour Day Monday is bound to be a busy day on the roads so I planned to be home a day early. Tried to reply to some comments on the blog on the weekend and for some reason I was not able to. I did not travel with a laptop, usually just a tablet. Not sure what the problem was. Hotel internet is usually not the greatest.

I was gifted with a nice concentric circle on my windshield from a truck that passed in the opposite direction. I discovered my camera has a crack on the inner lens. In my hotel in Moose Jaw the plug ins in the bathroom dis not work and I was woken up at about four thirty in the morning by a high pitched sound from the fridge. Other than that it was a good trip with great weather.


  1. Glad you are safe at home.

  2. All that and you got some bale picts!

  3. Hearing about your hotel with non-working plugs reminded me of a place we stayed in a small town out west (can't remember the name of the town) but perhaps it was the same one. Every plug was loose and neither of us slept because we were worried about a fire...on top of that a car alarm kept going off all night long. Not one of the better places we've stayed!