Monday 30 August 2021

The Red Church

Located in very rural Saskatchewan.

Visited last month. When I was here I was by a carload of women that pulled up if I was a Stadnyk (the name on the bottom of the sign). I replied I was not, my only connection to the church was that I like to see churches in the middle of nowhere. Apparently at one time there were a lot of people in the area with the last name Stadnyk. They were Stadnyk's and here to revisit some family history.

They arrived as I was leaving. There was no entry to the church. The church is not brick, it is a kind of tarpaper meant to look like brick from a distance.

Bell tower.


  1. I wonder if the reddish "kind of tarpaper meant to look like brick from a distance" is "insulbrick," which was a popular building material in the mid-20th century?

    1. I was here this past winter. Yes, it's Insulbrick™.

    2. You seem to get everywhere before me.

  2. A carload of women in the middle of nowhere asking if you were a Stadnyk is a pretty special event. Were you there on a Sunday by chance?

  3. Looks as though that siding has stood up well to the elements. Well kept surroundings too.