Monday 30 August 2021

Sometimes you cannot post

Sunday, yesterday, morning I woke up early with a headache. Some days you wake up and everything hurts which I discovered after I got up. This ended up lasting all day Sunday. Part of getting older I guess. Since I did not feel like doing much I thought I would update the blog and do some posts. Turns out the internet and cable was out in my area and did not get restored until late afternoon. It also turns out that there is not much in the post cupboard to do a post.

This might call for a road trip this weekend.


  1. "Some days you wake up and everything hurts" HA ya lightweight ;-) just wait until that is EVERY day* - you learn to mumble and grumble and deal with it - not really a bad choice considering the alternative......

    *a 'good' day is one where you get by with one OTC pain pill of your choice - can't 'advertise' for any brand since that would be an unpaid endorsement.....

    1. A lot of days everything hurts. I rarely take anything, if I do it is Advil gel caps which seem to work. A car accident years ago hurt my neck and some days I have consecutive days of headaches. Life goes on.

  2. Sorry about the achy head - that's not fun. My issue is achy hands. Gone are the days when I dared lift a cup of coffee with one hand without fearing I'd end up wearing it. This getting older just ain't for no sissies!!!