Monday, 23 August 2021

St. Elias Ukrainian Orthodox Church 1907

Also known as Palamaryk Church, northeast of Rhein, Saskatchewan.

This had been on my must visit list for a few years because it is so unique. I saw it posted on the internet years ago with no information other than it was somewhere in the vicinity of Rhein. It took some sleuthing to track down the location. It was twilight when I got here and I was pleased that I managed see it in person. The church lies on the east side of a north/south gravel road. The first thing you see is the bell tower.

I have never seen a dome like this one.

I managed a few quick shots of the inside. I am sure it is home to birds and likely a few bats because I am sure a bat flew right by me. It did not bother me, it did make it interesting trying to get a photo. This is one of my favourite abandoned buildings.


  1. No windows down low, made me think of snow.

  2. A very unique church. Has been on my list to visit. Lots of other interesting sites in that area which I am sure you also visited.

  3. The shape of the dome makes me think maybe whoever built it had more experience building grain silos.

  4. Very nice. I haven't been to see this one yet.

  5. Such an interesting roof line - and I noted that some of the roof has been covered with metal roofing but not all of it.