Friday 27 August 2021

Ghost town Saskatchewan

Govenlock, Saskatchewan August 22, 2021.

This is the highway that runs by it. From here it is about twenty minutes to the US border. At one time Govenlock had a train station, a few grain elevators, two general stores, a service station selling Fords, a hotel, and various other business. It was thriving during prohibition. Four warehouses were filled with alcohol to supply bootleggers from the States. Over time the town dwindled down to nothing.

All that is left is the hall and some markers note the place.

There are post office boxes. If you look in every direction you do not see much civilization so someone has to do a bit of travel to get their mail. 

The horizontal line is the old rail line.

Some foundations behind the fence.

Just barely up the road is where an old school once stood. Nothing but empty prairie around.


  1. I'm always impressed that someone took the time/money to invest in such great signage. Perhaps it's a provincial government thing?

  2. I think the rail line hill is really where they buried all the booze.