Thursday 26 August 2021

Robsart, Saskatchewan

Robsart is a ghost town and worth seeing. I posted it from prior visits. This is the old hospital building posted below.

When I was there I ran across some other people taking a road trip. One of them had parents that lived in Robsart many years ago and she was showing some of her family some family history.

I found out someone owns three buildings in Robsart with the dream of setting up a yoga retreat. Robsart is in the middle of nowhere so whoever it is I wish them luck. I imagine they got the real estate cheap.


  1. Robsart is an unincorporated hamlet within the rural municipality of Reno No. 51, in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada. Robsart had a population of 20 at the 2016 Canada Census.Wikipedia

    A yoga retreat, it's good to have a dream!

  2. Can't imagine a yoga retreat being a 'go' in such an abandoned location but who knows - stranger things have happened.